New Technologies

Biodiversity | White Genome Project

Yet another groundbreaking initiative for Biosidus is the White Genome Project, which aims at the isolation, identification and characterization of Antarctic bacterial strains for further sequencing of the complete genome.

In collaboration with the Argentine Dirección Nacional del Antártico, we have conducted research aimed at the isolation and characterization of certain microorganisms from the Antarctic territory that are particularly adapted to extreme temperature. We have isolated and identified a novel species, Bizionia argentinesis and have sequenced its full genome.

Current investigation is focused on the identification and characterization of genes coding for “cold active enzymes” for industrial processes, particularly in the field of food processing.


International Presence

  • With more than two decades of expertise in the manufacture and distribution of high quality biosimilar products in emerging market countries, a strong portfolio and pipeline of products, significant development and manufacturing capabilities and an established network of distribution partners, we believe we are well positioned to take advantage of opportunities for growth in the global biosimilar therapeutics market

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