"Our main commitment to our patients’ health is maintaining our international standards of quality in processes and products."

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"We have asserted our leadership in Latin America and strengthened our presence in the Asian, African and Eastern-European markets."

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/ Publications

BBVA grants biotechnology company Biosidus sustainable line of credit

The Argentinian BBVA branch grants biotechnology company Biosidus a pre-financing line certified as sustainable within the social category.

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/ Gira de negocios

Biosidus concluye exitosamente su gira de negocios por África

Biosidus, la compañía pionera en Biotecnología aplicada a la salud humana que celebra en este 2023 sus 40 años, ha concluido con éxito una gira de negocios por Argelia y Túnez, incluyendo también reuniones con socios comerciales de Libia.

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It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged.