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Argentina based biotechnology company which over the past three decades has developed a global business in the supply of high quality biopharmaceuticals in the territories of Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Biosidus S.A. has two production sites. The Almagro Plant located in the city of Buenos Aires, devoted to R&D activities and to the production of APIs, equipped with bacterial fermentation capacities and also hosting mass cell culture areas. Filling, lyophilization and packaging operations are conducted in separate facility, Planta Bernal, located in the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

Biosidus S.A. counts on a robust pipeline of therapeutic proteins, in different stages of development.

Biosidus proprietary manufacturing processes and technologies rely on a solid IP policy which constitutes a competitive advantage in the scenario of biosimilars.

With its impressive track record, Biosidus is committed to become a reliable global supplier of biosimilars.